The Top Real Estate Marketing Trends in Frisco, Texas

The Top Real Estate Marketing Trends in Frisco, Texas

Did you know that there are more than 200,000 homes sold in Texas every year? Texas is a hotbed for the real estate market, and few places are hotter than Frisco, Texas.

The best way to tap into this market is with effective real estate marketing. But how can you successfully market your home? One of the best ways is to be up on the latest real estate trends.

If you're curious about real estate marketing, we're here to help guide you. Read on to learn some of the most effective real estate marketing trends in Frisco, Texas.

Video Content

With most online marketing, video content reigns supreme.

Text-based marketing is difficult to reach customers with. In most cases, potential clients won't want to sit and read an entire webpage to learn more about the property.

Instead, entertaining and quick videos are a better way to keep attention. To that end, the best form of video content is short-form videos.

Short-form videos are extremely short videos, typically under a minute. It may feel impossible to market your home properly in such a short time but think of the runtime of the average television commercial.

Keeping your videos short and concise will get the message across before your clients grow tired of your videos.

Influencer Marketing

Another hot trend in the market is influencer marketing.

Influencers are social media users with a large following. While the term is often reserved for groups like the Kardashians, anyone can be an influence with a large enough following.

There are countless ways that influencers will help with marketing. However, you should find influencers with a demographic that matches yours. Grabbing a social media influencer with a group of underage fans won't sell your home.

Social Media

Want to tap into social media without an influencer? You can always build your demographic for yourself.

Nearly every successful company has a social media presence nowadays. If you're hiring realtors, realtor marketing firms often have their own social media demographic.

As such, they'll have a set audience they can market your home to. If you're selling your home by yourself, you'll need to seek out an audience for yourself.


Finally, you should always work on personalization.

Personalization is the act of making it seem that an ad was made for a client. For example, using printed flyers that target the local area can help hone your focus on them. Doing so is more effective than using general or stock messages that most people will throw out.

Mastering Your Real Estate Marketing

Following the latest trends in real estate marketing can help you get your home off the market fast. Look into what the Frisco marketing is currently following and see how you can follow these trends. With effective property marketing, you can ensure that you're getting the deal you deserve for your Frisco, Texas real estate.

Curious to learn more about mastering the real estate trends of Texas? Be sure to contact us for a quick conversation about how we can help you with realtor marketing.