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5 Tips for Creating the Best Rent Available Ad

PMI North Texas - Tuesday, March 16, 2021
Property Management Blog

How are you attracting potential tenants to your rental properties? Having online rental property ads is a great start. But you need to optimize these ads, so they are effective at attracting your desired type of tenant. 

This means that your rental property ads need to showcase your property’s most desirable features while also standing out among the other online property listings. You can also use your listing to begin the filtering process by outlining the application process and required payments. 

Keep these five tips in mind when crafting your rental property ads. 

1. Professional Photos

Always start with professional photos of your rental. There should be one picture of the home’s front and several pictures showing the home’s interior. There should be one picture of each of the bedrooms. Then include pictures of the main living area and kitchen. 

Many people won’t even consider a rental if there are no pictures included. The assumption is that if there are no pictures, the place must be truly awful. 

You want the images to showcase the rental’s best features. However, you don’t want the images so heavily manipulated that they don’t accurately portray the rental. 

2. Check Out the Competition

Look at what your competition is doing. You’ll need to know what comparable home listings say to ensure that your listing stands out. If every home in the area has the same features, you’ll want to include them in your listing if your home has them too. Otherwise, people may assume that your rental doesn’t have them. 

Additionally, look for the amenities or features that make your rental stand out. You’ll use these unusual qualities to differentiate your rental home from the others. 

3. Attention Grabber

You’ll have a limited number of characters to create an attention-grabbing headline. This is your chance to pull the viewer in and read more about your rental property. It should be something that motivates them to action while also being descriptive about your property. 

Your goal isn’t to appeal to everyone. It should grab the attention of your ideal tenant. Since everyone that is looking at a rental property is looking for something in particular, use this to your advantage. Try something like these: 

  • Four bedroom family home near top-rated schools 
  • Modern bachelor pad with a view and close to nightlife 
  • Two-bedroom condo close to college campus perfect for student roommates

4. Don’t forget the Details

Include all of the relevant details in your listing. Your listing needs to provide all of the information that a potential tenant would want to know. This will convince someone to reach out and submit an application. It will also reduce the number of questions you have to answer. 

You don’t need to write a novel about your property. You can list out the necessary information to give viewers an easily scannable list. Include the below information in your listing. 

  • Rent and security deposit 
  • Included utilities 
  • Property amenities 
  • The date the property is available 
  • Location 
  • Pet policy 
  • Parking accommodations 
  • Other special rules pertaining to the property

5. Outline the Screening Process

Use your rental ad as the first step in the screening process. Make the screening process clear so that prospective tenants know what to expect. This can deter individuals who may not want you running a background, credit, or criminal check on them. 

Just be sure that you use the same screening process with every tenant so that you aren’t guilty of discrimination. 

Improve Your Rental Ads

Working with an experienced property manager can give you the edge you need. Their experience with writing rental property listings will help give your property listing the edge they need to stand out. 

Contact our office today and find out what our property managers can do for you and your rental property listings.